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Isle of Wight Apple People and Places

Yarmouth Local Heroes Community Orchard

Planting of this new orchard took place on 8th and 9th December 2012.  I was there with my camera so look below for the gallery. Below is a list of trees planted. 


Apples       Arthur Turner, Ashmeads Kernel, Blenheim Orange, Charles Ross, Court Pendu Plat, Discovery, Egremont Russet, Ellison's Orange, Howgate Wonder, Hunt House (new to me), Lord Lambourne, Monarch, Morgan Sweet (a cider apple), Steyne Seedling, Sunset, Tom Putt, Wolf River (not on the website but have met this), Worcester Pearmain, John Downie (crab apple and makes wonderful jelly), Malus hupehensis (another crab with small red/yellow fruits)

Nuts        Cosford Cob, Purpurea, Red Filbert, White Filbert (Red, white and blue for Jubilee year)

Plums       Herman, Jubilee

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Please read on to find out more about the names of the individual apples, plums and nuts, who nominated them, who planted them and who they commemorate.  For pictures of the apples, please look in the Alphabetic list of Apples on the menu.

Arthur Turner 1912, nominated by Zoe Chapman, planted by Zoe Chapman and members of Yarmouth Explorer Scout group.  For all those who have given their time to help with the Scouting Movementwhich has given enjoyment and a sense of purpose to so many.

Ashmead's Kernel C18th, nominated by Carol Corbett. Her grandfather, Albert Edward Hayward, Yarmouth Lifeboat Mechanicfrom 1939 - 1949, who received a gallantry rewardfor his part insaving 130 lives, for all who served with him, and lifeboat mechanics , in recognition of their service. Planted by Carol Corbett

Blenheim Orange C18th, nominated by the Cotton/Scott family. Dedicated to Walter Cotton, 1876 - 1948.   Served the RNLI for 46 years in Brighstone, Brook and Totland lifeboats with 20 years as Coxswain of the Yarmouth lifeboat from 1924 - 1944.  During this time at Yarmouth134 lives were saved and he was awarded the RNLI Bronze Medal for gallantry in 1939. Planted by his grandson Peter Cotton.

Charles Ross late C19th. For Yarmouth and Calbourne Football Club - who like the apple will try to do well on any soil.  Dedicated to all that support the club in'keeping grass roots football alive' for others to enjoy and to the former Committee members and managers and players of Yarmouth and Calbourne and Supporters.   Planted and nominated by Paul Buckland.

Court Pendu Plat pre C17th. Nominated bt Cllr Rod Corbett in memory of all from Yarmouth and Thorley who served in the Crown Military Forces - Regular, Territorial, Volunteer Reserve, Home Guard and Civil Defence, espiecially those who gave their lives.  Planted by Rod Corbett

Discovery raised 1949, Nominated by the Scott family. Dedicated to the Founders of the Recreation ground which has been enjoyed by so many. Celebrating over 80 years of men, women and espiecially children enjoying the open green space of the Recreation ground.  The 'Rec' was opened in 1930 by General Seely who kindly donated a giant slide and Mrs Seely a seesaw. Major Walker of Eastmore donated a swing and six seats, the townspeople donated their time and labour to create our much loved 'Rec'.  Planted by Hannah Blake, a fifth generation to enjoy the 'Rec'.

Egremont Russet 1872 Councillors who have served the community as town, parish, borough and county councillors.  Nominated and planted by Barry Coates-Evans    See picture below

John Downie Crab Apple for the present day lifeboat crew.  Planted by Paul and Roger Coates-Evans, serving crew members

Ellisons Orange 1911 Nominated by Chris Waddington, chairman of Yarmouth Carnival committee. For all who have given their time and effort to the Carnival over the years.  Yarmouth Carnival was founded in 1911and has a proud history of raising funds for charity and bringing much enjoyment to residents and visitors alike.  Planted by Brenda Garlick, President with Christopher Waddington.

Howgate Wonder Isle of Wight apple raised in 1915/16 by G. Wratten, Bembridge.  Nominated by Mrs P. Fletcher in memory of Ken Dedman 1915 - 2009. Resided at The Mount, Yarmouth from 1973, having been born the year the apple was raised.  MBE awarded for services to the National Grocers federation. He was also a past treasurer to the National Trust. Planted by the Scouts with Mrs P. Fletcher and Mrs Rita Dedman

Hunt House c. 1720, nominated by Paul Buckland in memory of Stuart Dyer. IW Councillor for Yarmouth and IOW College lecturer.  To Stu Dyer who always put others before himself, in both his working life and during his day as Mayor and councillor he always wanted to ensure he made a difference improving others chances challenges.  Stuart always referred to his Navy days and would have let out a Somerset chuckle knowing his tree will fend off scurvy. Planted by his wife Mrs L. Dyer

Lord Lambourne raised by the Laxton Brothers in 1907.  Nominated by Owen Toms, Chair of Governors for all who have been involved with Yarmouth C. of E. Primary School and made it the successful centre of the community; teachers, auxilary staff. governors, parents and children and espiecially those who fought to retain the school. Planted by Owen Toms

Monarch 1888. Nominated by Phil Selby, Station Officer in memory of all who have served the communities of Yarmouth and Thorley as Fire Personnel, or Civil Defence Personnel, in both War and Peace.  Retained Fire Service and their families who have their lives interrupted from time to time to help others.  Planted by Phil Selby and Cllr. Rod Corbett (retired Station Officer)

Morgan Sweet C.19th.  Nominated by YTC.  Planted by Catherine Quinn, Community Police Officer who patrols the area, sometimes by bike, keeps a watchful eye on the area and has a friendly word for all, in the day to day life of the town.

Sunset 1918, nominated by M.Scott, grandaughter of Coxswain William Scott for the First Lifeboat crew.  Remembering the brave Coxswain and crew of the first Yarmouth lifeboat, the B.A.S.P., stationed here 1924 - 1934. She was launched 42 times and saved 30 lives. Planted by Margaret Scott , grandaughter of Coxswain Walter Scott and Peter Scott.

Tom Putt c. 1780.  Nominated bty the Cowley family for Yarmouth Medical Services, doctors, nurses and receptionists and all who work in the Pharmacy who have given their time to help the people of Yarmouth and Thorley and look after their health. Planted by the Cowley family

Wolf River 1875, Wisconsin. Nominated by Mary and Mike Henderson, grandchildren of coastguards. To commemorate Coastguards Great grandfather Enoch James Henderson, Chief Coastguard for the Isle of Wight and lived in Coastguard Cottages, Yarmouth and grandfather Victor Henderson of Thorley who serves as Coastguard during WWII patrolling between Alum Bay and Freshwater Bay.  Planted by serving Coastguards, Joshua Matthews and Neal Smith.

Worcester Pearmain 1870, Nominated by Betty Coates-Evans. The Wednesday Girls who meet together to work for charitable causes.  Planted by Betty Coates-Evans, Sue Renwick, Peggy with help from the Scouts. See picture below

Steyne Seedling (1893) a local apple raised by the Thorneycrofts in Bembridge was planted by Lois Cooper, Rosemary Cooper and Stella Ridley, grandaughters to Henry (Harry) Cooper, 1877- 1969.  Also present at the planting were Timothy Cooper, Heather Cooper and Brian Cooper, grandchildren of Henry Cooper, Bee keeper and autodidact of Upper Thorley, who identified 'Isle of Wight disease' in bees and tried to prevent it spreading. 

Henry (Harry) Martin Cooper (1877-1969) was born at Upper Lee Farm, Thorley, and lived there most of his life.  He had no formal education, but was self-taught having learned the basics from his mother.  From the age of 12 until he married at the age of 39, he kept a diary in which he briefly recorded the everyday activities of family and farm life.  In 1902 the diary first mentions his bee-keeping activities, which provided additional income to supplement the income from the small family dairy farm.  
Bee-keeping remained an absorbing hobby for the rest of his life.  By 1905 he had gained the certificate of the Hants and Isle of Wight Bee-keepers’ Association.  He made regular advisory tours as a ‘bee expert’, gave lectures and demonstrations, and contributed to journals.   He was the first bee-keeper to identify acarine as a new disease distinct from bee paralysis, and he undertook significant research into its symptoms and progress.  His unavailing and controversial campaign to quarantine Island bees to prevent the disease spreading to the mainland became national news.  He was accused of scare-mongering and seeking publicity for himself, an injustice which he found hard to forget.   Owing to this failure to take his warnings seriously, the native honey-bee was virtually wiped out, as ‘Isle of Wight disease’, as it became known, spread through the British Isles. 
Bee-keeping was not his only interest.  His diary records his observations of the natural world, including the first appearance each year of particular birds and flowers.  As a young man he attended lectures and events at Wellow Institute and Chapel, played cricket, and learned first-aid, carpentry, wood-carving and taxidermy.  He was a keen gardener all his life, and the produce was bottled and pickled and made into jams and chutneys.  His Christian faith was also very important to him:  he regularly noted in his diary the subject of each Sunday’s sermon and had a remarkable knowledge and understanding of the Bible which he enjoyed sharing in conversation.  He was a modest, unassuming and shy person, but would be delighted to know that his love of bee-keeping was remembered and celebrated.


Herman Nominated by Deputy Mayor, Mrs Sylvia Mence.  In memory of all Yarmouth and Thorley women who served in Nursing, Women's Royal Voluntary Service, Land Army, Lumberjillsand First aiders in times of war and those who continue to serve in times of peace; all 'getting on with the job' without seeking praise or recognition.  Planted by Luke Richards and family from Isle of Wight Orchard Group 

Jubilee raised by Laxton Bros. in 1905, nominated by YTC.  Members of the Police Force who serve in Yarmouth for their benevolent involvement with the community and who give their time over and above duty hours.  Planted by Sergeant Mark Lyth

Nut Bushes

Hazelnut Red Filbert x3 a very old variety. Nominated by Sports teachers Dawn and Andrew Johnson and PFTA Deana Turnbull. For the Youth Service and all who worked with young people in theYouth Club. Planted by Beaver Jack Davies.  Sports Teachers Dedicated to all those who give or have given their time, expertise and enthusuiasm to promote sport locally and on the Island.  Planted by Dawn and Andrew Johnson. PFTA and their supporters

Hazelnut White Filbert x3 nominated by Diane Bell, Churches, Christine Locke, John Budden, Sheila McCleary. Brownies and their leaders throughout the years, planted by Effie and Carole Pitman (ex Brown Owls). Thorley and Yarmouth Churches and all involved in their ministry.  John Budden who kept the town clean and tidy.

Hazelnut purpurea Filbert x3 nominated by Roger Fallows.  Canoe Club to all those who taught and encouraged canoeing and kayaking safely on the Yar and the Solent at Yarmouth. Youth Service leaders and helpers, Guides and their leaders.  Planted by Beaver Jack Davies and Sheila McCleary