Cutler Grieve


UK, probably raised by James Grieve, Red Braes Nursery,Edinburgh, Scotland, seedlings sent to James Storrie, Nurseryman, Glencarse who introduced the apple c. 1912

Small. Round, small, flattened base and apex
In September no flush, no stripes but according to The New Book of Apples develops a cherry red flush later
Very prominent dark lenticels surrounded by a lighter ring show up against the golden yellow colour.  Greener gold on base and more golden yellow towards Eye

Cavity deep, wide, russet lined
Stalk above cavity, quite sturdy for the size of apple
Basin deep and wide
Eye small, closed
Sepals had been long but were broken off in September in my sample.
Flesh slightly cream, faint strawberry taste when ripe

Tube cone, Stamens basal, Core axile. Slightly open. Plenty of well rounded pips

Tree only seen as a young tree

Flowering : Pollination group C

Season : September to November