Raised in Germany by Dr M Schmidt in 1930, Cox’s Orange Pippin x Geheimrat Dr Oldenburg.  Introduced to UK in 1972.  Renamed Early Windsor in 1996 but still on sale as Alkmene at Deacons and Blackmoors.  Widely grown throughout Germany and Holland.

Medium/large size. Round, slightly conical.  Flattened base and apex. Regular.
Green/yellow with orange red flush and darker stripes, russet patches, lenticels noticeable as russet dots and more numerous towards Base.

Cavity russeted, medium depth and width.
Stalk long and thick but in some cases barely above cavity
Basin medium depth and width.  Skin pleated in around Eye.
Eye closed to half open, appears open when sepals broken.
Sepals broad based and convergent
Flesh yellow, rich taste, juicy and crisp and aromatic – develop a honeyed taste.  Very popular at Apple Day with those who like a sweeter apple.  The ones I kept to record seemed to lose flavour quite quickly although officially the season lasts to November.
Crawford notes they ripen before Cox.
There is a distinct rich honey taste and a distinct aroma

Tube cone, Stamens median/basal, Core axile

Tree vigorous and heavy cropping

Flowering five days before Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season : September to November     Pollination group B
There is also Red Alkmene known as Red Windsor