Orleans Reinette


French origin, first described in 1776.
RHS Award of Merit in 1914 as Winter Ribston and in 1921 when renamed as Orleans Reinette.

Medium Large size.  Flat round, although some can be more oblong.  Definitely flattened at base and apex. Fairly regular. Slightly five crowned.
Green ripening to yellow, orange to scarlet flush, large amount of russet cover, indistinct red stripes.
Lenticels very conspicuous giving a spotty appearance. (Blenheim Orange lenticels not so noticeable, a small specimen could almost  be mistaken for Court Pendu Plat).

Cavity medium, sometimes lipped, grey russeted.
Stalk short and stout, mostly within cavity.
Basin wide, fairly shallow, slightly ribbed, russet runs around the basin.
Eye large and open.
Sepals separated at the base and well reflexed.
Flesh ‘the fruit has a lovely flavour with a suggestion first of new oranges, followed by a nutty flavour after the initial juiciness has gone’ a good description from Sanders. Creamy white and very juicy.

Tube wide cone, Stamens median, Core axile usually open

Tree vigorous and spreading

Flowering five days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Winston

Season : November to January