Red Miller's Seedling


Miller’s Seedling originated in Newbury, Berks in 1848.  Award of Merit from the RHS in 1906.
Red Miller’s Seedling is a sport from Miller’s Seedling.

Medium to small. Round Conical, slight ribs, slightly flat sided, small, neat apple
Green yellow becoming light bright paler green
Flushed bright crimson scarlet.  Colour goes into the Eye or the Cavity – not at first both on the same apple.  Lenticels inconspicuous white dots.

Cavity deep and narrow, a little russet
Stalk long, fairly slender and above cavity
Basin medium, ribbed, puckered and beaded
Eye small and tightly closed
Sepals small and convergent, tips reflexed
Flesh white and juicy with a good taste although does not keep quickly going soft

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core abaxile, open

Tree small, upright spreading, produces spurs freely

Flowering three days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with James Grieve and George Cave

Season : August and early September